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Your support is quite great and projector lamp is also original. I have changed lamp in T20 wold Cup. Awesome Brightness. Thanks

yogesh Goel

Thank you for the prompt response you gave me regarding my delivery. It’s great you replied to my phone call so quickly and took the time to assist


The Hitachi replacement lamp I received is genuine. Your price was considerably lower than other stores so I was concerned it might not be genuine... But it was! So Thank You!

Harshit Rawat

Yes , you are right . the brightness after component level cleaning is awesome. Now i will suggest to you all projector users pls do component level cleaning every change of lamp. it increase brightness , color quality and increase the life of projector . Thanks Projector lamp clinic

Ravi Kumar

We got sony PJ7 x 50 pcs and PJ 6 70 Pcs projector remote was found original. we search many vendors in India but no body supply us original material except Projector Lamp Clinic. Wonder full Experience. my rating for Projector Lamp Clinic is 5*


We have epson 5000 Lumens Projector at our Hotel Citrus Gurgaon. It was giving problem while presentation color change and get off after 40 min. I called to Projector Lamp clinic their expert visited and they had given me projector 2 days back after repair after warranty. Thanks god i could save my job.

Rajnish Pati

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