Rental IT Lab

Projector lamp clinic Labs was started by an individual that has been working in both the consumer and commercial electronics industries having worked. Now it provides an IT Lab rental plan in Delhi and other places for students. Video display manufacturers in the large screen television industry including Dell, HP, Lenovo Projection design we have a wealth of experience with video projectors. We provide one of the largest of replacement lamps available for most major projector models at competitive prices. PLC is providing plan on just 110+ GST Per student Per Month.

By renting computers, you can forget the worry and time associated with setting up equipment. Computer-Lab will completely configure the computer equipment and even upload custom software. We provide full onsite technical support

Requirement from school for IT Lab Rental Plan

  • Electricity connections
  • Lockable 400 sq ft area
  • Minimum capacity 2000 students
  • Court agreement for 3-5 years


What we offer:-

  • 51 new All in One desktop
  • (Lenovo | HP | DELL)
  • UPS with 1 hr power backup
  • DLP/LCD Projector with Screen
  • Computer wooden furniture
  • Security cameras with DVR
  • School website with regular updates
  • Wifi/LAN connectivity
  • Resident Teacher (MCA) language known as C++/Visual C++ /Linux etc.
  • Resident Engineer (BCA)
  • Tenure 3-5 years

Benefits of Rental IT lab

  • Cost savings
  • Cover all spares
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Monthly payment schedule
  • Onsite service support
  • No extra repair cost
  • Full time resident teacher
  • Full time resident engineer