Opportunity for CMC Customers who are buying a new projector and CMC care packs

PLC provides the best quality pack for CMC customers and who are buying a new projector.We also facilitate our customers who have CMC with us to be provided with standby units so that their work doesn't get hampered and we have approx. 2000+ projectors under CMC pack in just 6 months. We have supported 100% on CMC Care Pack for the period of 24 months and you save 40% for buying a new projectors. CMC care pack available all brands of projector.

CMC care pack 2-year guarantee is given on all brands of projector spare parts by PLC. We give the full repair guarantee on Out of warranty projector lamp in Delhi after guarantee period.PLC provides repair and Maintenance Contract (CMC) of out of warranty projectors for Govt, Private, and Education sectors.

Benefits of projector CMC care pack

CMC Care Pack

  • Payment in 24 months
  • Almost 60% payment  for 2 year CMC
  • 2 year Guarantee  including all spare
  • Lamp with 2 year guarantee
  • Stand by projector provided during  repair /component  level  cleaning 
  • Quarterly component  level cleaning schedule for 2 year

Buy New Projector

  • Instant money required
  • Full Payment
  • 2 year Excluding lamp
  • Lamp with 2 year guarantee
  • Lamp Warranty 6/12 months
  • NO Stand By Projector provided During Repair
  • NO service schedule