3D Guardian RFID System

3D guardian is another new initiative by 3d computing for nurturing and saving our child’s student life.3D guardian is basically 3tier security system. We believe that three things “correct information”, at right time”, common sense work together we can solve 40-50% problems in our life and sometimes save some one’s life. The parent and school administration both work hard for every student for making their future bright but some time lack of psychological information generate abnormality in the student. We can cure them by using our common sense with correct information at right time. Every child is important for their parent and the school.

Tier 1:- 3D Guardian RFID Attendance System: – RFID “Radio Frequency identification” attendance system provides actual IN/Out time of student/ staff in the school

Tier 2:- 3D Guardian visitor management system with dedicated school ios/android mobile app.

Tier 3:- 3D Guardian vehicle tracking system.


3D Guardian RFID System Process

                                           3D Guardian RFID System Process

 3D Guardian RFID Attendance and caring System process:-

  1. 3D Guardian will provide RFID card to all student /staff members which carry all information specified by school all information will be kept confidential.
  2. student/staff members must wear RFID card in neck attach through a long tag.
  3. 3. As soon as students enter the school gate the RFID antenna scan student RFID card and attendance will be done automatically.
  4. Simultaneously the attendance of all scanned students get displayed at school reception on 42″LED TV with students picture, name class section, roll no., Admission Number with the birthday message.
  5. At the same time RFID attendance system school SMS to parents of the respective students with welcome message date and time. SMS will also be sending to parents of those students who are absent/late
  6. Once this procedure is completed school admin can take printout of the attendance in any manner (class presents, absent, latecomers list etc.)And sent to class teachers to remove proxy attendance.
  7. This procedure can work in the same manner in the afternoon during off time of the school. At the movement the student steps out of the school gate, his/her last out time get reflected at the reception TV like in the morning, similarly, SMS will also shoot to the parents with date and time.
  8. All this information gets saved into a server and can be checked at any time. We can access attendance report of last 15 year.

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