Projector Servicing in Delhi

Projector Servicing in Delhi

Projector lamp clinic is a house multi-brand project lamp solution and it provides all brands of projectors in stock deeply working on to provide the best quality of lamps and services to our customers. PLC proud to say that as per last 5-year study in Projector Servicing in Delhi supplied lamps and spare parts have less than 0.5% failure ratio. PLC provides a guarantee on lamp 90 days or 2000 Hrs. whichever is earlier.

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  • Brightness level expend up to 30% – PLC provides brightness level expend up to 30 % in their projector in all bands. Newer projectors almost all have a normal operating mode and an economy mode. The economy mode typically uses a lower brightness level than normal mode, which can prolong the life of the lamp.
  • Prevent from instant projector failure – Many projector lamps do not fail before they reach the end of their lives. They simply get dimmer, putting out less light and a lower quality image as the bulb loses performance over time. Prevent from instant projector failure by One overlooked way to extend the life of a projector is making sure it is properly ventilated.
  • Color contrast as good as new projector – when you buying a new projector you need to check the color and contrast of the projector firstly you need to check colors in bright and dark regions. See how the projector holds color stability. Perception of colors is different for varied projectors. Second, check this quality care. Along with brightness, a contrast ratio is also important as it complements brightness. The bad contrast will lead to washed out images. So give this aspect consideration to achieve excellent results for your images.
  • Projector lamp life expands- when you have expended your projector lamp life firstly Avoid environments with extreme humidity, temperature, and dust. With the purchase of a new projector, it’s best to run the unit for at least twenty hours during the first one or two weeks. Do not unplug the projector until the lamp has finished cooling. After the projector has been shut off, fans will continue to run to ensure even cooling which will decrease the chance of early lamp failure. Do not frequently turn the projector on and off. Each time the projector is turned on, the rush of power causes stress on the lamp filaments.
  • Save cost –when you purchase projector lamp you can save cost by buying best brand of projector you can check better quality, better value and better service of the projector
  • It helps to extend projector spares life- Lamp life is affected by temperature, altitude, air pressure, humidity and physical impact. Some best practices to help extend lamp life once the projector is turned on wait at least five minutes before turning it off to allow the fan to cool the unit. Do not move the projector until the lamp has gone through the five minute cooling period at the end of an operation. Keep the exhaust vent at least 2 feet from a wall or any object. For fixed projector installations pay particular attention to this requirement. Clean the projector’s air intake filter every three to six months depending on the frequency of operation.

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PLC repair all brands of projector spare parts and all other Audio Visual equipment’s Like, Switcher, Amplifier, interactive board, panels and large size displays. PLC repair it first and then cannibalize it. PLC has the best quality tracking system to provide the best Projector Servicing in Delhi to our customers.PLC has all tracking system is online. Any customer can go our website and click on support and use tack ticket system. PLC support 30-day Guarantee on all PLC repaired spare parts.

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